At Tec-NQ, trades are a career of first choice. Tec-NQ is a registered training organisation (RTO) and a senior secondary school that has been in operation since 2007. Tec-NQ provides a range of training and educational programs to Townsville and the North Queensland region including full-time apprentice training, on demand industry training, pre-employment programs and school-based apprentice programs.


Initially founded as the Australian Technical College North Queensland the organisation was funded as part of the federal governments Australian Technical College’s program. 2009 saw the closure of this program and the launch of Tec-NQ as an independent organisation in early 2010.
Tec-NQ has grown progressively since its inception and currently students and apprentices in the fields of Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrotechnology, Automotive, Engineering and IT.
In 2015 Tec-NQ  opened a Regional Training Accommodation Facility (RTAF) for both regionally based students and apprentices.

Tec-NQ also delivers Certificate 111 in Electrotechnology in Mackay for apprenticeship training.  Students must be employed as an apprentice within the industry. 
The Tec-NQ Board and Staff are proud to serve the local community.


Why choose Tec-NQ?

Our Training Model

Benefits of blended learning


Julie Hyde

Chief Executive Officer


Ross Jorgensen

Operations Manager (Executive)


Deborah Robertson

Executive Business Manager


Jennifer Trybula

Manager, Strategic Projects


Charlie Pashalis

RTO Manager


Shaun Butcher

Voc-Ed Programs Manager


Stacey Cox

Executive Assistant (Operations)

Sharon Cooper-Saxby

Executive Assistant

Nellie Olsen

Quality Systems and Reporting Advisor

Joanne Hoskins

Stakeholder Engagement Manager (Executive)


Ben Clarkson

Industry Liaison Officer Carpentry and Plumbing

Liat Talora

Industry Liaison Officer Automotive and IT

Colleen Callaghan

Operations Administration Assistant

Leon Major

IT Support Leader

Joel Sullivan

IT Support Trainee

Brian Christie

Systems Development Specialist

Heather Rice

Student Development Manager


Sharon Tobin

Academic Facilitator

Brian Snell



Michael Hegarty

Academic Facilitator

Tracy Braun

Tec-Prep Facilitator

Wayne Santo

Enterprise Facilitator

Andrew Brown

Academic and I.T. Facilitator

Jenny Dunstan

Finance Officer

Allan Griffiths

Assets Officer

Renz Loto

Carpentry Facilitator

Shannon Bailley

Plumbing Facilitator

Hazel Kuveya

Electrical Facilitator


Geoff Swanson

Electrical Facilitator

John Edwards

Engineering Facilitator

Danielle Taylor

E-Learning Advisor

Danielle Raisbeck

Operations Administration Officer

Martin Matejcic

Academic Facilitator

David Lee

Carpentry Facilitator

Rhys Hansen

Plumbing Facilitator

Patrick Gela

Accommodation Shift Leader

Craig Davison

Diesel Fitting Facilitator

Neal Larsen

Automotive Facilitator

Teneile Gordy

Administration Officer

Michael Humphris

Graduate Accountant

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures