At Tec-NQ, trades are a career of first choice. Tec-NQ is a registered training organisation (RTO) and a senior secondary school that has been in operation since 2007. Tec-NQ provides a range of training and educational programs to Townsville and the North Queensland region including full-time apprentice training, on demand industry training, pre-employment programs and school-based apprentice programs.


Initially founded as the Australian Technical College North Queensland the organisation was funded as part of the federal governments Australian Technical College’s program. 2009 saw the closure of this program and the launch of Tec-NQ as an independent organisation in early 2010.
Tec-NQ has grown progressively since its inception and currently students and apprentices in the fields of Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrotechnology, Automotive, Engineering and IT.
In 2015 Tec-NQ  opened a Regional Training Accommodation Facility (RTAF) for both regionally based students and apprentices.

Tec-NQ also delivers UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology – non compliance in Mackay for apprenticeship training. The Tec-NQ Board and Staff are proud to serve the local community.


Our Training Model

Tec-NQ delivers nationally recognised training through its accredititation as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  Tec-NQ prides itself on providing quality training programs that support local industry and regional development. 

Full Time Apprentice Training

The blended learning program designed for each apprentice training program has been determined from ongoing consultation with each relevant industry sector. 

Blended learning provides a degree of flexibility in how often apprentices are withdrawn from the workplace to undertake training.  Blended learning features an effective mix of block training and on-the-job training as negotiated through the training plan.  Training plans are negotiated at sign-up.

Block training engages apprentices in a focused, face-to-face learning environment, away from the distractions that arise in the workplace.  The training facilities at Tec-NQ enable apprentices to gain experience in a safe, controlled simulated environment in practical skills that they would not otherwise have sufficient exposure to on the job. Blocks of one to two weeks in duration are negotiated at sign-up and are generally scheduled three to four times per year. 

On-the-job training and assessment is conducted by trade qualified facilitators at the workplace.  It utilises the workplace as the apprentice’s learning environment, enabling them to use the tools and equipment specific to their workplace.

Tec-NQ’s Learning Management System (LMS) provides an e-Learning platform that apprentices can access online.  This platform provides a self-paced learning option that can minimise time out of the workplace. 

Senior School Training

The pre-apprenticeship training program delivered within the senior school is a mix of classroom-based theory and workshop-based practical instruction delivered face-to-face by a trade qualified facilitator.  Courses feature project-based delivery and workplace simulations.  

Students participate in community projects requiring relevant trade skills whenever possible.  Providing students with an opportunity to work on a real-time project gives them exposure to conditions that cannot be simulated in the classroom. 

Short Courses

In addition to the full time training program and senior school, Tec-NQ also develops and delivers industry specific short courses. 


Julie Hyde

Chief Executive Officer

Ross Jorgensen

Operations Manager (Executive)

Joanne Hoskins

Stakeholder Engagement Manager (Executive)

Deborah Robertson

Executive Business Manager

Charlie Pashalis

Training Manager (Construction and Electrical)

Sharon Tobin

School Based Programs Manager

Sam Rogers

Carpentry Facilitator

Renz Loto

Student Support Officer

Vern Fraser

Electrical Facilitator

David Bennett

Plumbing Facilitator

Michael Wootton

Electrical Facilitator

Andrew Brown

Academic and I.T. Facilitator

Rodger Leather

Automotive Facilitator

Matthew Vaughan

Scott Freeman

Engineering Facilitator

Shannon Bailley

Plumbing Facilitator

Hazel Kuveya

Electrical Facilitator

Boyd Turner

Michael Wootton

Electrical Facilitator

Rob Connolly

Electrical Facilitator

Rodger Leather

Automotive Facilitator

Brian Snell

Training Manager (Engineering and Automotive)

Geoff Swanson

Electrical Facilitator

Craig Davison

Diesel Fitting Facilitator

Neal Larsen

Automotive Facilitator

Naresh Nath

Academic Facilitator

Debra Forrester

Academic Facilitator

Michael Hegarty

Academic Facilitator

Martin Matejcic

Academic Facilitator

Jessica Robertson

Operations Administration Officer

Ben Clarkson

VET Facilitator

Liat Talora

Industry Liaison Officer Automotive and Engineering

Natalie Mende


Amanda Snell

LLN Facilitator

Jessica Robertson

Operations Administration Officer

Jeff Abbott

Head of Boarding

Mary Howard

Residential Shift Leader

Amanda Snell

LLN Facilitator

Tabatha Keech

Accommodation Shift Leader

Patrick Gela

Accommodation Shift Leader

Luke Kennedy

Accommodation Shift Leader

Murray Hobbs

Bus Driver

Neil Weise

Bus Driver

Emily Harper

Enrolments Officer

Jennifer Trybula

Manager, Strategic Projects

Crissy Avery

Industry Liaison Officer Electrical

Penny Ross

Facilitator (PNG)

Rebecca Wake

Marketing and Comms Officer

Shannai Cowan

Operations Administration Officer

Tamara Cassidy

Enrolments Officer

Shaun Butcher

Student Development Manager

Stacey Cox

Executive Assistant (Operations)

Nellie Olsen

Quality Systems and Reporting Advisor

Colleen Callaghan

Operations Administration Assistant

Heather Rice

Student Development Manager

Wayne Santo

Enterprise Facilitator

Jenny Dunstan

Finance Officer

Leon Major

Infrastructure Manager

Joel Sullivan

IT Support Officer

Brian Christie

Systems Development Specialist

Travis Rintoul

Systems Development Trainee

Allan Griffiths

Assets Officer

Danielle Raisbeck

Industry Liaison Officer Plumbing, Construction & IT

Teneile Gordy

Administration Officer

Michael Humphris

Graduate Accountant

Demi Scarfone

Human Resources Advisor

Amy Isaacs

Enrolments Officer

David Retallick

Board Member

Christopher Taylor

Board Member

Karl Brooke

Board Member

Michael Williams

Board Member

Kevin Toomey

Board Member

Cameron Landy

Board Member

Linda Venn

Board Member

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures